Healthy Minds at Magna

In 2017, Magna Wellness conducted a mental health study using questionnaires, surveys, and a review of existing resources to see the status of mental health at Magna. The study identified both a need and desire for additional mental health services/resources for our employees and their families.

In response to this, Magna Wellness launched the Healthy Minds at Magna program, which aimed to help our employees understand mental health and provide them with the confidence to support others experiencing mental health problems.

This mental health awareness program consists of:

  • Educational activities
  • Events
  • Challenges
  • Information sessions
  • Lunch and learn sessions

What is Mental Health?

Mental health is the health of our minds. It is one of the many factors that impact our overall level of health. It is connected to our thoughts, emotions, feelings, our ability to solve problems and cope with stress, our relationships, our sense of community, and our sense of self. Good mental health allows you to enjoy life and cope well with challenges that may occur.

Mental health is not an on/off switch.

People often think we either have great mental health or we are completely unwell. This is NOT the case. Instead, there are many different levels of mental health that you can experience throughout life.

Mental health moves along a continuum ranging from good health, to temporary distress, to mental health problems, to mental illness or disability.

It is important to understand that you can move back and forth on the continuum and can experience different levels of mental health throughout your life. If you have been diagnosed with a mental illness, you can still move yourself along the continuum to a good level of mental health.